• Prices shall be cut down by 9%, VAT equivalent, for EU companies, VAT payers, registered as intra-community economic operators,, or importers from Turkey.
  • The displayed prices, 9% VAT included, are for individuals or companies NOT registered as VAT payers or NOT registered as intra-community operators.
  • Please tell us the VAT code for verification when you place your order or when you contact us. Otherwise, the invoice shall include VAT.
  • For orders larger than 200 EUR, please contact us before you place the order, for the discount.


  • Payments must be confirmed by the bank before we deliver your order.


  • Shipping costs are added to the total value of the invoice and they vary depending on the distance and your shipping options (fast courier, mail, etc.).


  • The stock-in-trade is shipped within maximum 2 Business Days.
  • If there is not enough stock, delivery is made within 21 Business Days.

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